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  • Kari Shea


Is it possible to get exactly what you want in your custom home by working with an architect? I want to say a resounding "YES" because that is exactly what we plan to do when building our dream home.

I've had a lot of experience selling new homes; being involved from dirt to selling the final product. There is a lot to the process and if you want your custom home to incorporate all your special touches; design; finishes and final details an architect could be the first step.

With this said, even with my depth of new construction experience I've started doing my own homework; researching how to be effective in our future build; what to consider when to hiring the right architect for our project; setting expectations.

The first article that I came across was published January 2022 in the Wall Street Journal. The snippet provided a blueprint easily understood; it is well-written; answered my initial questions and most important, I found the information set us up for future success. Click to read it yourself.


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