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  • Kari Shea


Today we celebrate one of the most popular Presidents of the United States, the 16th President, President Abraham Lincoln born February 12, 1809 in Hardin County, Kentucky.

Most of you reading this post are familiar with what Lincoln is known for. To name a few, Lincoln is the tallest President (6' 4"); Emancipation Proclamation effective January 1, 1893; signed the Homestead Act (1862); the Pacific Railway Act (1862); signed the Yosemite Valley Grant Act (1864).

What I find interesting is history more unique to President Lincoln that you may or may not know.

  • In 1992 Lincoln was inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame. Historians tells us that of 300 wrestling matches, Lincoln only lost one.

  • Hours before his assassination on April 15, 1985 Lincoln created the U.S. Secret Service. The intention at the time was to thwart pervasive currency counterfeiting. Not until 1901 was the law enforcement agency formally assigned to protect the Commander-in-Chief, which was the result of two other Presidents assassination. President James Garfield in 1881 followed by President William McKinley in 1901.

  • Abraham Lincoln is the only patent registered to a President of the United States - Patent No. 6,469 in 1849.

  • The current Lincoln Bedroom was used as Lincoln’s personal office. While in the White House he never slept in the existing Lincoln Bedroom.

  • Tom Hanks is fourth cousins, four times removed with Lincoln. His relation comes through Lincoln’s Mother, Nancy Hanks.

  • It is well documented Lincoln was a lover of animals. As a young child his first pet was a pig.

The book Lincoln on Leadership: Executive Strategies for Tough Times is highly recommended. I’ve read the book several times throughout my business career and gain valuable insight each time.

An accomplished leader, extraordinary human who was friendly and compassionate. Lincoln's character traits each of us may consider emulating one way or another.


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